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Valentine’s Day Essentials


Valentine’s Day is all about love - the love of the chase.  Here’s what you need to stay in the lead:



Red Lipstick

Give a woman red lipstick and she is unstoppable. Find your perfect hue and leave your mark. They’ll always remember the lady in red.




Signature Cocktail

You’re a woman with style, edge, and a penchant for nice liquor. Find what you like and stick with it – it’ll become your calling card. Always have the ingredients on hand and give it your own little twist when guests come over. Gin and Tonic with a twist of lime. Manhattan, straight up. Dirty martini, extra dirty.




The senses are heightened the moment you take one away. Use one of his ties or your softest scarf (a bonus because it smells like you) to cover his eyes, then have your way. We’ll just say this: Start slow, end strong.



Hauty Fair Play Bra and Panty Set

All is fair in love and war – and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Sheer and unapologetically sexy, our bralette and panty set says you play nice, but we know you can get a little dirty too.  



Night Time Playlist

You’ve got a playlist for working out, for bossing it up at work, for Sunday mornings, so you need a playlist for when the lights go out. We’ll give you a headstart: Rhianna, The Weeknd, Chet Faker, Odesza… and round anything out with Nina Simone.

Rhianna Rated R photoshoot with Elen Van Unworth




Breakfast supplies

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who can just casually whip up a killer breakfast after a long night. Toast, egg, bacon, hot sauce – stacked in that order. All you need is coffee, a chemise, and nothing else.





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